2017 Youth Talent Competition

National Finals are on Sunday, August 20 in Queens Theater in the Park. Change of time and place.

 June Chin 201-960-3106 // aaytcnyc@gmail.com
Grace 646-335-6998 // jinyy888@yahoo.com

Important Competition Information:

2017 全美繁榮天才青少年才藝大赛
2017 Better USA Youth Talent Competition 

Purpose:AAYTC seeks to organize a friendly annual competition for every genre in Dance, Voice, Instrumental &  Performing Arts for children ages 5 -20.  We want to be able to give opportunities & challenge them to compete in a friendly environment, meet & make new friends, learning to be gracious, responsive, pleasant & sociable with one another even though it’s a competitive atmosphere. The opportunity to develop & hone their skills so that they take pride in every detail, never stop learning & growing; but most of all uphold honesty & integrity.   We strive to create a surrounding that is fun, educational, & inspiring for all involved, motivating growth of each individual competitor.   In the near distant future, we want to develop a cultural exchange to other Asian countries, taking this competition into an International level.    An important chance to learn & experience other cultures.


**  Qualifier:  2-3 minutes per program.     7 minute including for each performance & setup.    Time:   12-5pm.          

**  Semifinal will be still open to any recommended contestant.   Registration remain open during semifinal time.    Contestant or group troupe can register to compete in different program.

**  Final:    2-3 min per program.    5 min per program & setup.    (20 programs?     Group will received final qualifying priority to enable livelier competition ?).     Time:     6-9:30pm

**  Top 3 winners in each group into US Final on 8-19 compete with other state top talent contestant.    Next 3 top finishers in each group will qualify if National representive is less than 24 programs.

**  US Final:    5-10pm on 8-19 at Flushing Town Hall.     5 min total each program 4 hours=240 minutes = 45 programs.   (225 min)

**  Banquet ticket:   (after discussion with committee members, advisors & restaurant)

$19 only for contestants that come only with school coordinators & teachers.    If needed we can provide two volunteers per table to assist and watch over.

$39 All parents with contestant must take or VIP seats.    Plus all regular supporter.

$60 VIP seats.     Any VIP performance guest must support 2-3 table for 2-3 programs.
(each VIP table supporter will received 4 Final tickets)

**  Each top three winner per group will received trophies & top two received Starbucks gift basket.

**   Top two overall winner in US Final will received Airplane ticket to Beijing or Guangzhou China TV Competition or Performance in 2018.

**  Top three group winners will received Official State Senator or City Council award certificate and Starbucks gift basket.

**top winners will be welcome to NYC events as Better USA princess/prince 繁榮公主/皇子 & ride in antique convertible古董車, perform on floats大花車上表演 & Festival stage文化節舞台 in the NYC Lunar New Year Parade 紐约新春愛心花車大遊行 & the Autumn Moon Parade Festival. 中秋節大遊行文化節    (New Year Parade have 500,000 international spectators & world wide media coverage).  





** 勝出者將作為better USA的繁榮公主/王子 登上遊行古董車參與到中秋節中華文化日大遊行隊伍中,以及獲得在大花車上,文化節舞台上表演的機會。( 紐约新春愛心花車大遊行/中秋節大遊行文化節有逾過50萬的觀眾,獲得中外記者以及各界媒體給予大量的讚譽和報導)

2017 Events

All events are free and open to all!

The 1st Chinese American Cultural Day Parade 第一屆全美華人文化日大遊行

Summer 2017

To promote Chinese American culture, understanding, pride and unity to the American mainstream and to our Chinese American younger generation.

The 1st US National Asian American Youth Talent Competition

Talent Competition for children 5-18 years old in solo or group dancing, music instruments, martial arts, cheer leading and any talents.

Preliminary in Brooklyn Sat 7/8/17 & Flushing Sunday 7/9/17

NY Semifinal & Finals in NY Chinatown, Jing Fong Restaurant.  Friday 7/28 from 1:00-10:00pm

US National Finals in Flushing Town Hall Saturday 8/19/17 with national finalists coming from LA,

SF, Seattle, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Washington DC, Philly, and more.

The 14th Autumn Moon Festival & Parade 第十四屆中秋文化節花燈大遊行

Sunday, 9/24/2017

Lantern Cultural Festival:  NY Chinatown // Mott St

Saturday, 10/14/17

Cultural Festival and Lantern Parade:
Brooklyn 8th Ave. Sunset Park/Bay Ridge community 

Thanks for Coming!

Thanks for coming the 2017 Lunar New Year Parade! We had a HUGE turnout, and the weather stayed dry and relatively warm compared to last year.

Next event: 
Sunday, March 12, 2017 (updated date)
2017 Brooklyn Lantern Festival

Location: Brooklyn Leif Ericson Park 8th Ave (66th-67th St)
Time: 11am – 3:30pm

Press coverage of the parade:
Sinovision: 纽约华埠新春大游行 各族裔High翻了
World Journal: 華埠大遊行 50萬人慶新春 
Gothamist: Chinatown Covered In Confetti 

Check out our growing photo album with pictures from the event! Here’s a few from yesterday.


新年快樂: Happy New Year! Year of the Rooster

Update Feb 3: Parade forecast for Sunday calls for dry conditions with temps in the 40s, ideal for February! Come out and enjoy all of the fun! 

18th Annual New York City Lunar New Year Parade & Festival
Sunday, February 5, 2017
12pm – 430pm. Parade kick-off at 1pm.

Suggested viewing locations: East Broadway or by Grand Street / Sara Roosevelt Park.

We hope you were able to make it out to Chinatown on Jan 28 and enjoy the firecrackers and festivities!

Check out NY1’s coverage of the event.
Firecracker video from actionkid105

Year of the Rooster Firecrackers in NY 

Countdown to Year of the Rooster

Updated Jan 28, 1:20pm
新年快樂 – Happy New Year!
Hope  everyone enjoyed the firecrackers! Make sure to join us next Sunday Feb 5th for the big parade!

Updated Jan 26 5:10pm:
Forecast for Saturday calls for sunny skies and temps in the 40s! Can’t ask for better weather to set off all those firecrackers!!

New Year’s Day Firecracker Ceremony & Cultural Festival
Saturday, January 28, 2017
11am – 330pm. Firecracker kick-off at 12pm.

Location: Sara D. Roosevelt Park. (Grand Street at Chrystie St.)

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, January 28, the Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival, gets things going at 11am. There will be performances, vendors, and giveaways. The main event, the Firecracker Ceremony is scheduled for noon. You might want to bring your ear plugs!

Location of Firecracker Ceremony
Location of Firecracker Ceremony


18th Annual New York City Lunar New Year Parade & Festival
Sunday, February 5, 2017
12pm – 430pm. Parade kick-off at 1pm.

Suggested viewing locations: East Broadway or by Grand Street / Sara Roosevelt Park.

Check out Chinatown’s annual Lunar New Year Parade for tantalizing visuals, delicious treats and mesmerizing cultural performances. This party features all sorts of vendors, food, and festivities for all ages to welcome the Year of the Rooster. The parade winds its way through the main streets of Manhattan Chinatown on February 5, and parade starts at 1pm. Show up early to grab a prime spot along the route!

Parade Route for 2017


If you were born in any of these years, you’re a Rooster!
1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

You are practical and resourceful, and you use what you have to succeed without taking a lot of risks. A hard worker, you say what’s on your mind and have a sense of style that sets you apart.

Thanks for coming out!

www.mbwfoto.com (Matthew Wong)
www.mbwfoto.com (Matthew Wong)

Today’s Lunar New Year Parade was a great success. Despite the cold, the weather was bright and sunny and everyone was in a festive mood.

We want to see you again next year!

www.mbwfoto.com (Matthew Wong)
www.mbwfoto.com (Matthew Wong)


There are plenty of other events planned for this year including the lantern festival in Brooklyn, details:

Sunday, February 28, 2016
11:30am – 3:30pm

Sunset Park Brooklyn: 53rd – 55th St & 8th Ave

www.mbwfoto.com (Matthew Wong)
www.mbwfoto.com (Matthew Wong)


2016 Year of the Monkey

Busy preparing for our flagship 2016 events.

2016 monkey year